Pello is located in the middle of Finnish and Swedish Lapland with easy access by train, bus, car or airplane.

By Air

Rovaniemi airport is the third biggest airport in Finland when counting the amount of passengers, and it is the official airport of Santa Claus. The distance from the airport to the centre of Pello is just over 100 km, and takes about one hour to drive.

In addition to Rovaniemi, Pello is close to the following airports:

  • Pajala airport (Pajala, Sweden): 61 km
  • Kemi-Tornio airport (Kemi, Finland): 140 km
  • Lulea airport (Lulea, Sweden): 210 km

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By Bus

The bus timetables is found from Matkahuolto’s web page

By Train

Travel to Pello by train during the winter season. The railway station/stop is located in the centre of Pello. Find out about timetables and tickets from

The end station of the railway track in the north is the Kolari station.

By Taxi

Pello’s Taxi station is in the centre of Pello with the address:
Burmannintie 1
95700 Pello
Tel. +358 16 515555
Find out more from:

By Car

There are good road connections to Pello. The highway 21 is going through the centre and also the border crossing to Sweden is in the centre of Pello. The distance from Pello to Rovaniemi is about 100 km. Taking the highway, the distance to Ylitornio is 55 km and to Tornio about 120 km. From the centre of Pello to Övertornea in Sweden is 52 km and to Pajala 61 km.